Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Will YOU Be Doing? (May 14 - Children and Youth in Care Day)

Our Voice, Our Turn... made up of Children, Youth, and Adults from across Ontario, whose lives have been impacted by foster care, with support from Ontario's Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth made recommendations to the Ontario Government, through a report titled “My Real Life Book seeking fundamental change to the way Ontario's child protection services are delivered.

One of the recommendations made in the report, is for the declaration of May 14th of each year, to become Ontario's official Children and Youth in Care Day!

The purpose of Ontario's Children and Youth in Care Day is to forever keep child and youth recommended fundamental change in the hearts, and on the minds of the government, the politicians, the professionals, and the citizens of Ontario, whose decisions, actions, and inaction directly impact the lives of the province's children and youth living in, and from foster care, and those who care about them.

This year, even before the Children and Youth in Care Day is officially proclaimed into law, the children and youth of Our Voice, Our Turn are preparing to kick-off their special day a year ahead of time by asking Ontarians:  

That's why I'm here today, to tell Ontarians what the Foster Care Council of Canada will be doing be doing starting on May 14th, 2013 in preparation for next year's first official Children and Youth in Care Day.

As an adult survivor of sixteen years in Ontario's foster care system, and, as the Founder of the Foster Care Council of Canada... an organization which advocates for transparency and accountability of child protection services, I'll be hitting the streets in an attempt to give a voice to children and youth in and from foster care, and those who care about them regarding their experiences and recommendations for fundamental change to the Ontario's child protection services, and will post the video on our website at www.afterfostercare.ca once it's ready!

I will then share the video with members of the Ontario Government, the Provincial Parliament, Children's Aid Societies, professionals involved with child protection services and regular citizens.

Having said that, I too would like to ask... WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING on May 14th 2013 to prepare for the first official Children and Youth in Care Day of 2014!

Learn more and get involved by visiting the Our Voice, Our Turn web page at http://facebook.com/ourvoiceourturn

Here's their video telling you about the event.

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