Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Bill for Ombudsman Oversight of CAS Introduced

Another Bill has been introduced at the Ontario Legislature to try and get Ombudsman oversight of Children's Aid Societies in Ontario to protect children and youth in care, and those who could come into contact with a CAS in the future from wrongdoing by CAS staff, officials and volunteers.

The Bill (Bill 42 of this Session)  is titled the;

Ombudsman Amendment Act (Children's Aid Societies), 2013

You can read the content of the Bill at this link, or the discussions of MPPs regarding this Bill when it was being voted to go second reading and on to a committee. Notice how hard the Liberals are arguing against the Bill. Why? What are they afraid of? It appears the entire party is being whipped into saying no by their leader. You will also notice a former foster child who admits having worked with a CAS later in life, also happens to be against oversight. Sounds like a conflict of interest or at least the appearance of it.

You will also read how CAS are allegedly overseen by the local community as non-profit corporations, however, we are all too familiar with the fact that CAS will reject membership applications of the members of the community who have any type of advocacy or difference of opinion toward or on CAS business.

Read the debates here:

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